Learning Telecommunication as a Basic Skill

Nowadays, few people represent their lives without a mobile phone. He has become part of our lives—convenient and important part of it. As mobile devices interfere with and help your life, you need to know and follow the rules of telephone etiquette. Consider some of the most relevant to mobile phones.

While in a public place, set your mobile phone to a specific mode. Calls to 0800 can be made as usual. Reducing the volume to a minimum is necessary during a meeting or an important conversation. Going to the library, cinema, museum or exhibition, turn off the sound of your phone to enjoy the art and not interfere with other visitors. Also reduce the call volume by visiting a restaurant or cafe. You can use the vibration mode.

Etiquettes you should Learn

Mobile etiquette rules recommend including a silent set of buttons if you are in a public place, making free phonecalls. By typing the text of the message and accompanying each letter with a sound signal, you can cause irritation to the people around you, causing their negative attitude towards you.

  • Do not put a cell phone on the table, if you come to a restaurant or cafe. The call will be perfectly audible if you put the phone in your pocket or bag. But this rule of telephone etiquette does not apply at all to sports bars, where it is very noisy.
  • While driving a car, you can use your mobile phone for free business calls only with the help of a headset (hands-free). But it is still very distracting attention from the road. You should not talk on the phone, driving a car, this will lead to at least a fine, but you don’t want to remind you of other consequences.
  • The rules of etiquette prohibit the use of ringtones containing obscene words or abusive language, offensive expressions, statements, offensive to a certain group of people.
  • The silent mode of the mobile phone is specially created to mute the ringer at the right moments. These are business negotiations, meetings, visits to the library, cinema or exhibition, etc. When answering a call is important for you and cannot be delayed, apologize to your colleagues and exit to talk. If you know in advance about a possible important call, warn about it even before the start of the meeting or negotiations.
  • Turning off the mobile requires during flight by plane or visiting the hospital to avoid its impact on the equipment. The rules of etiquette recommend turning off the sound of the phone before the start of the play or movie. In the church, the sound of the mobile phone must also be turned off. It is necessary to turn off the mobile phone wherever there are signs with such a request. If you need an urgent call, you just need to leave the zone of prohibition.

Know your Manners

If you are going to talk on a mobile phone, move away from nearby people. In order not to interfere with their conversation, walk about five meters to the side or call the other party later. You should not talk on your mobile phone while being in a crowd of people. A land transition, a tunnel or crowded transport is not a place for business conversation or idle chatter. If the call is important to you, then pick up the phone and tell them that you should call back later. Think that others can be annoyed by the long-playing ringing tone. The best way out of the situation will be sending an SMS message explaining the reason and promising to call back.

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