The advantages of Playing IDN Poker Online

Among the biggest elements of online poker is the point that rookie poker players are able to hone the skills of theirs in addition to begin playing for cash, and playing for much more money.

If you’ve already thought about precisely how many different variations you will discover to poker, then you definitely are going to come in the realization that there are many different methods to play. Regardless of the game, moving the plunge into the great realm of online poker will frequently have a spot for all things.

For whatever reason or perhaps another, many people won’t play as they really mean it around their family or friends. This may stem from a number of various factors from being afraid to not wanting to play hostile since they’re your family or friends. In either case, all that could change by playing internet just since you’ve no tie or relation to your opponents normally and can simply play to win. Regardless if you’re playing online or with individuals you know, you must actually play to win since the reputation of yours might be built higher and you can possibly win cash by doing so.

Online poker generally never needs a break. The day and time don’t have any influence on internet poker at all; you are able to perform at three a.m., ten p.m. or maybe whatever time, 7 days every week. That means you don’t need to collect all your buddies together, or hang on for a neighborhood tournament; rather you are able to perform impulsively when you feel as if it.

There are huge amounts upon thousands of internet casinos available awaiting you to come and register with them. Not merely are able to you play poker, though you are able to play all kinds of various other gambling favorites because all things considered, it’s a casino. You are able to find many of the most widely used online casinos by simply using a search engine and lots of these casinos enables you to play a small for free however offer the chance to gain money that is real. There are plenty of advantages to playing in an internet casino, so exactly what you waiting for? Use the internet and also check them out.

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Review Submission Rules Finalized

The time has come for review submissions over at PTR.  The guidlines are listed in the document below so fire up that word processor and show everyone your writing chops.

Review Standards for Poker Tech Reviews


Your expected to have fun.  If their is a program you are passionate about, good or bad, then write it up.  Inject your passion into your writing and the readers will get a better understanding of the product.  Fame and glory can be yours  as your name and a link to your website will be posted with every published review.  If you find that you have a knack for review writing and your reviews are informative and entertaining, then we just may hire you to write for us on a regular basis.


The ratings standard for all reviews will be based on a 4 point system.  Each point within the system should represent the reviewers feelings for the product as follows:

  1. Below Average
  2. Average
  3. Above Average
  4. Excellent

Using the above scoring system the reviewer must supply a rating for each of the following individual features:

  • User Interface
  • Feature Set
  • Usability

The overall rating for the product will be determined via an average of the three assigned scores.  (ie. A program is given the following scores: User Interface=2  Feature Set=4  Usability=1  Then the program receives an overall score of 2)


Review should open with a paragraph devoted to the programs function.  Following this the review will be broken down into three distinct sections.  Each of the three sections will be devoted to one of the rated features listed above.  The review should close with a summary where the reviewers final thoughts of the overall program are discussed.
You are encouraged to inject your personal writing style and voice into the review.  The structure is provided as a guideline so that the sites visitors will have a familiar structure while browsing the reviews.


Along with the review a gallery of screenshots will be included.  To facilitate this we ask that you provide at least 4-5 screenshots depicting various operating modes of the program.  If you reference a particular screenshot during the review, you should reference the screenshot by file name so it can be properly formatted when published.